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Special GMP services for the Pharma Industry

Support of pharmaceutical production processes

Valicare GmbH is a 100% daughter of the Syntegon Technology GmbH and shares the core competencies of the mother company with full access to the technical know-how of all the production sites of pharmaceutical lines.

The mother reassembles pharmaceutical or active ingredient production equipment independently and self-sufficient. The same do Valicare’s consultants and engineers with their variable teams who offer comprehensive qualification and validation support on one-stop basis.

Our operation mode

Valicare GmbH can arrange variable team sizes according to demand and combine technical competencies and project management skills with the mechatronic capacities of our Slovakian subsidiary.

According to their qualification our team members work on different tasks of the project and meet you on equal terms with high efficiency and extraordinary competence.

In this context, we already finalized many projects successfully during the last 15 years.

Look here what kind of GMP-compliant services we offer or give us a call.


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