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Valicare offers expertise and comprehensive experiences for biotechnological procedures

The use of biotechnological procedures in drug manufacturing is manifold and highly diverse. Specialists of Valicare GmbH have laid the foundations for a GMP-compliant process development in a multitude of exciting new biological and biotechnological processes at our customers.

Consulting, but also the transformation of laboratory methods into GMP-compliant processes, the "scale up" and the establishment of large-scale production are precisely the strengths of the Valicare GmbH at Frankfurt.

We transpose your ideas into GMP-compliant production. For this, we established prerequisites for achieving a manufacturing license, support you during the time planning your products, transferring technologies and processes, and preparation of clinical material. Thereafter, we support you by qualifying the posterior production equipment and in validation of production processes.

In the field of the classical production of recombinant proteins different large-scale bioreactors are found in the "upstream" or even fixed or flexible process equipment in the "downstream" processes. Our consultants provide assistance in special topics such as process and cleaning validation. Valicare engineers support you in qualification and validation projects. In collaboration with colleagues from our Slovakian subsidiary they form large external or mixed teams.

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